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KARIM: Bounty of the Earth

Our Practices

* Our milking cows all have names and come when you call them

* Our cows enjoy rotating through our pastures and shelter in a large open barn when the weather is bad.

* Besides pasture, we feed our cows hay grown on our farm and organic feed milled up the road.

* We support health naturally: coffee grounds for energy, garlic to ward off illness, vitamin C, probiotics and yeast for digestion.  Illnesses are treated  with homeopathics and light therapy.

*Our cows are mothers as well as milkers and keep their calves by their sides for at least 2 months.

With a house, barn and fields

that date from the 1850’s, Karim Farm and Creamery plays an active role in maintaining Vermont’s agricultural traditions. We use organic feeds, natural medicines and practice humane treatment of animals and responsible land stewardship in order to preserve Vermont’s working landscape.

We are committed to providing local consumers with affordable, European-style, Artisan cheeses from a working farm in their midst, one they can visit to observe the process first hand. 

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 Our Cheese
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Our Mission
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*We use traditional, European "farmhouse methods:

  • all milk is produced on the farm

  • "makes" are small batches, made by hand with careful attention to each  cheese.

  • Cheeses are aged here on the farm in our own "cave" where we can monitor conditions and turn, spray and wash as needed.

 * We use organic, vegetable rennet  

   and sea salt

 * We age our cheese on-farm for 2

  -10 months with daily attention to 

       turning and finishing.



*We are a licensed creamery: 50-193      

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