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Karim Farm and Creamery Cheeses

Karim Nordic:  Our Jarlsberg-style baby Swiss.  This is washed-curd cheese made from partly-skimmed raw milk, matured for 2 months before waxing to complete its aging.  It is fairly mild, but has a distinctive Swiss cheese taste.  It has small holes, a smooth, not-quite hard texture and stretchy melt.   90-120 days.


Farmhouse Cheddar: Ours is a traditional English cheddar.  The raw milk, farmhouse style and cloth binding means that even at 6 months it is a lively and opinionated cheese.   Cave aging allows it to pick up a hint or more of Roqueforti mold reminiscent of a Shropshire.  Aged 6-10 months


Vertalia:  Our own cheese, based on Italian recipes, thus the name: Vermont-Italian.  As a young cheese, this raw milk cheese is mild and sweet with a distinctive nutty after taste.  We sell most of it as a 60-90 day “dessert” cheese and a very limited amount as a parmesan-type cheese, aged for a year.

IMG_0022 1.JPG

Green Mountain Melody:  Our morbier-style cheese, made as they make it in France.  The black line through the middle is ash; the washed curd and complex rind give this cheese its soft, sweet interior and rough flavorful exterior.  Morbier can’t be imported to the USA—but French cheese makers assure us that this is the cheese they make.  60-90 days.


Hispanico: When Manchego-style cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, it is called Hispanico.  It is a recipe popular across the Spanish-speaking world and its relatively mild, somewhat “jack-like ”taste” is good both for eating and cooking.  Ours is “curado,” aged 3-6 months.  

Piora:  Our “bergkase.”   Piora is a farmhouse-style Alpine: never exported but we are told that our Vermont pastures are varied enough to give our version an authentic taste.  It has a slightly stretchy melt and is our sandwich cheese, going with everything, holding is own but never overpowering. Aged 3-5 months.                                                                                                                                                                  


Gruyere:  The holes and sweet, nutty taste make ours traditional of the French version of this cheese.  All Gruyeres are made from raw milk from cows fed on organic pastures and hay and allowed to nurse their calves. Fabulous melt.  Aged at least 6 months


Gouda: enjoy the latest addition to our line up, a younger, mild Gouda with deeply Dutch roots

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